Connect with Christ

  • God's design for creation was for it to be a perfect place of fellowship between God and man. Sin corrupted this design and caused separation and enmity between God and man. Because of sin, the world was cursed with grief, sorrow, pain, and death. In His love, God sent Jesus to atone for sin, defeat death, and restore relationship with God. 

    You can connect with God’s original design for you by saying Yes to Jesus by placing your faith and trust in Him.

    You can receive Jesus Christ through faith.

    People often think that through their efforts they can overcome the sin barrier between themselves and God. This is not true! There’s nothing you can do to restore the broken relationship with God. You can’t earn God’s salvation. (Ephesians 2:8-9; Titus 3:5; Romans 4:4-5)

    Through prayer you can trust in Jesus Christ.

    Through prayer, you declare that you are relying on Jesus Christ as your Savior. There are no “magical” words that result in salvation. It is only faith in Jesus’ death and resurrection that can save you. If you understand that you are a sinner and in need of salvation through Jesus Christ, you can pray something like this:

    God, I know that I am a sinner. I know that I deserve the consequences of my sin. However, I am trusting in Jesus Christ as my Savior. I believe that His death and resurrection provided by for my forgiveness. I trust in Jesus and Him alone as my personal Lord and Savior. Thank you, Lord, for saving me and forgiving me! Amen!” 

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Connect with a Group

We believe that life change happens best in circles, not rows. That’s why we encourage every person to do life together with other believers in small groups. These groups most often meet in homes, but they can happen in a lot of different places — coffee shops, offices, even around a picnic table. Getting together in a circle is different from sitting in a church with rows. 

  • In a circle, you look someone in the face.
  • In a circle, there’s dialogue and conversation.
  • In a circle, we’re more free to engage in meaningful conversations.

These are critical elements of the kinds of relationships that bring life change. 

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Connect Through Serving

We believe we are called to share the love of Christ through serving at church, in our community, and around the world.

Our primary mission is making disciples by helping others discover the grace of God through knowing Christ and joining His mission.

 We’re new so there are plenty of ways you can you can serve at SweetWater Church:

  • Music Ministry — Do you sing and/or play a musical instrument? 
  • Operations — Includes helping with setting up for church or taking down after the services
  • Hospitality — greeting people, helping people find their way around, making sure they get to know other people
  • Technology — Do you have experience with audio/visual equipment? 
  • Children’s Ministry — As we grow and God sends more children, we will need people who are willing to teach preschool, elementary students, and middle school students during the pastor’s message. Are you willing to share with this important responsibility? 
  • Community Service Projects — Just like it sounds!

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